The pre-wedding photo shoot is not only a great opportunity to capture some beautiful images of the two of you together; it will also help you to be much more relaxed in front of the camera and therefore feel more conīŦdent about your wedding photography.

It helps us to build a relationship and enables us to try different approaches and techniques to see what works best for you, so we are all prepared for the big day.

It’s important that the pre-wedding shoot is about you so if you have children or dog(s) (like us) do let me know if you would like to bring them too!

It’s worth thinking about the location, perhaps we think of somewhere that has a special meaning to you; maybe, the woods you love to walk your dog in, your favourite coffee shop, the venue you are getting married in – or maybe your favourite place is at home sweet home. Some of our couples like capturing the engagement shoot at the venue so they can get a feel for what it will be like on the big day.* The choice is yours. If you would like any suggestions, do get in touch.

More tips and ideas about pre-wedding photo shoots can be found on a Blog online. (enter link here)

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