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It is such a pleasure to capture all the excitement and emotion of your wedding day, as well as all those special details, in a photographic style
that you will love. We generally use a mixture of the styles below, as well as taking into consideration creative touches such as composition,
texture and emotion.

Photo journalistic style
An unobtrusive photo journalist style for those unexpected moments and key events throughout the day; the excitement of the bridesmaids
getting ready, the touching moments during the ceremony, the laughter at the speeches, and the first dance. This style provides lots of shots
that you wouldn’t expect, giving you a very candid and honest record of your day.

Artistic style
An artistic style for those natural couple photographs. These are more polished, creative images which look like they could grace the
pages of a magazine. Couples are delighted with the results and are often surprised at how natural our images are. To achive this natural polished look, we first we select a beautiful location and consider the time of year, as nature provides a fantastic backdrop. I then gently direct the couple into a shot and without realising it, there will be moments when our newly-weds interact with each other, and I am there to capture those precious moments. There will be no awkward cheesy poses or hands on hips, that simply isn’t our style. The pre-wedding photo shoot offers an opportunity try different styles and techniques to find out what works best for you, so together we get the best natural images which captures your personality.

Product photography
Here we capture all those precious little details you have worked so hard on to make your day extra special. The wedding dress, those gorgeous shoes, your fabulous cake and so much more. All to make it special and complete your story. I would love to hear what details you plan to incorporate into your wedding day so we can talk through any ideas we might have with you.

Group photos
We are also happy to produce a few family group photos with a natural and creative feel, so they don’t feel too formal. Every wedding is different and every couple has different ideas on how they would like to remember their day. That’s why when it comes to group photos it’s so important to
understand your family dynamics and relationships. I do this by putting together a family tree for you. I can then suggest options for group photos which are more natural and discuss with you if some of these can be captured throughout the day rather than in one session, so people feel more relaxed and the images are much more natural.

We will also talk about when and where these images should be captured. It’s always good to have a plan before the wedding day so that everything flows more smoothly. For example, we sometimes capture the group photos at the church before moving on to the reception area. There are lots of different options I can discuss with you. Of course, life doesn’t always go to plan so it’s good to have a plan B just in case it rains or the sun is too harsh.

Group photos don’t have to be boring; we can get creative! The more creative, fun shots work best with your bridal party. Photos with your parents, grandparents etc are usually much more relaxed; I like to capture them when they are chatting and laughing. Again this is something to discuss to find out what works best for you. I personally think smaller groups work better as you can see everyone’s expressions and faces more easily. It’s so much more meaningful, especially if you plan to share these images with your relatives and friends. They will love them!

A large group photo of everyone is a traditional photograph which we are more than happy to capture for you. However, since the large group photo can take time to organise, more couples are now deciding to leave this shot out to give more time for their couple photos and smaller family group photos. If you would love a large group of everyone, we will capture this for you and recommend we do this from a good height so we can see everyone’s faces. This is usually from a window, balcony etc.

The balance of how we use these styles very much depends on what is important to you and how you would like to remember your day. That’s why we recommend catching up beforehand so we can put together a photographic plan for you, and deliver a beautiful set of images which document one of the most important days of your life. Hence the strap line Look Back & Smile!

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